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Who remembers

Motherfucking Scholastic






And then the magical traveling circus of scholastic would randomly show up

at the motherfucking BOOK FAIR


I seriously miss the book fair.

Wait, you mean these don’t exist anymore?


We even had them in Pakistan and they were a big hit.

Oh the good old days

I never had money when the book fair came Dx

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depending on whether or not they arrive in time, i may have even more new goodies for you all at AWA!

also, i won’t be able to accept sketch preorders for AWA due to my current workload, sorry…but if you’d still like to commission me at the con, please come early and bring printed references. thank you!!

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"You’ll meet a lot of jerks in life. If they hurt you, remember it’s because they’re stupid. Don’t react to their cruelty. There’s nothing worse than bitterness and revenge. Keep your dignity and be true to yourself."

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So I was on Facebook and I saw this picture and looked at the comments (I know, why in the world would I do that) but wow.. I did not expect to see pages of positivity and people sticking up for this woman. (I have a lot more screen shots) Incase anyone is losing hope, just know that as hopeless as things may seem with all the misogyny and sexism we’re exposed to.. Things are gonna change. Slowly, but surely. Don’t give up everyone!

This is the first time I ever seen someone saying something positive on facebook